Saturday, May 5, 2012

5-day Crossfit Workout Routine

An effective crossfit workout combines different type of exercises that improves fitness and endurance of your body. Today, people are more cautious about their health and fitness, they try different crossfit workout routines to spruce up their bodies, of which some are beneficial for us while others are just waste of time, effort and energy. However, crossfit strength and conditioning workout incorporates intense exercises such as weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics. Hence, unlike a typical gym workout that generally focuses on a particular body part, crossfit workouts involve complete body and ensure complete fitness.

 Crossfit Workout Routine

Here, we are sharing a five-day workout schedule from Monday to Friday. Always perform some basic warm-up exercises to avoid any injuries before start following the crossfit workout routines. 

Monday- Run for 400 meters followed by 10 squats, push ups or dumbbell swings.

Tuesday- Increase the intensity of the workout. Jog for 800 meters followed by four rounds of push-ups (6), pull-ups (3) and squats (9). You can go for 800 meters jogging at the end of the crossfit exercise.

Wednesday- After some basic warm exercises such as jogging, jumping or slow squats, practice 10 deadlifts and push-ups each. Repeat it for 15-20 minutes without taking any break.

Thursday- Start the crossfit workout with dumbbell thrusters (20), pull-ups (20), kettlebell snatches (10 for each hand), overhead squats (20). Repeat the sequence for 20-25 minutes. Take an interval of 2-3 minutes between each crossfit exercise.

Friday- You can either follow the same crossfit exercise as for Monday or practice as many rounds as possible of dumbbell swings (2), push-ups (5) and squats ( 8) for 25 minutes. You can take an interval of2-3 minutes between each exercise.


Never over strain yourself, especially if you’re performing the crossfit exercise for the first time. During the initial learning stages, if your experience any strain or discomfort, just stop and take a rest. However, at the same time, do not get comfortable with the crossfit workout routine. Once you accustom to it, start increasing the intensity or increase the workout time duration.

To get better results, always perform the crossfit workout routine under the supervision of a crossfit-certified trainer. Be sure that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after the routine. Try to implement the aforesaid 5 day crossfit workout routine for a few weeks and experience the difference.


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